Friday, July 2, 2010


This is my card I made for the Design Team submission for My Pink Stamper. I didn't win, but I will try next time. Congrats to all who were picked.... and most a big Thanks to Robyn, your are great.... Thanks for all you do... Please visit my blog and become a follower... I am new at this blogging thingy... Thanks Carol


  1. I just love this lion. I tried out too and didn't win but I will try again next time. I love your card! and for being new at blogging you are doing wonderful! I'm new at it too.

    check out my blog.

  2. I love your card. I do not quite have the courage yet to submit. But I agree with you, I enjoy following Robyn and she has taught me a ton of stuff. I am taking her class in Chicago at CHA. I can not wait. I am also very new to this blogging thing, just set it up tonight, nothing posted yet, but feel free to follow, we can support each other!! Keep blogging!!

    see how new I am at this I forgot to post my blog address. Have a great night.